New Alexandria school names for TC Williams, Maury announced

The director of Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia has suggested new names for a couple of schools, including T.C. Williams High School. Alexandria City Public Schools Superintendent Gregory Hutchings proposed that educational committee individuals take up Alexandria High School to supplant the name of T.C. Williams, the city’s just secondary school, and that Matthew … Read more

LeBron James takes Giannis Antetokounmpo first in 2021 NBA All-Star draft; Utah Jazz stars go last

The past two years, LeBron James couldn’t have Giannis Antetokounmpo on his NBA All-Star team because the two of them were captains of their respective squads. But this year, with Kevin Durant getting the other captaincy opposite James, he made sure he would be playing alongside the NBA’s two-time reigning Most Valuable Player by taking him with the first overall pick … Read more

University of Virginia Cancels May Graduation Amid Pandemic

The University of Virginia is renouncing face to face graduation practices for both the class of 2021 and 2020 due to the continuous COVID-19 pandemic, authorities said. In an articulation on the school’s site, authorities said the school is talking with the current senior class about either holding occasions in the spring that include just … Read more

Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro to step down next year

Long-term Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro, who confronted calls for abdication a year ago over his treatment of racial pressures nearby, reported Thursday that he will leave the foundation in August 2022. A representative for the tip top Evanston-based college said Schapiro’s takeoff date“was agreed upon many years ago,”also, that he will utilize his excess … Read more