Google Search app now helps you learn science and math; Here’s how

Google’s Search app has evolved over the past years into more than just a tool that can find quick information and relevant links. The app today is a powerful resource to gather information on a lot of topics, including various forms of academics, something that is crucial during the ongoing pandemic.

As remote learning continues to be a bigger trend for many across the globe, Google has highlighted various ways in which the Google Search platform can be used to help with learning. Here are the tips Google shared.

STEM Concepts

Using Google Search users can look up science and math concepts, such as “chemical bonds”. Easy access to educational overviews, examples and helpful videos are also accessible via Search.

Practice Problems

You can search for practice problems on pretty much every concept of science and math by simply searching. Google Search allows users to find practice problems on various math, physics and chemistry subjects by simply searching for the desired topic followed by ‘practice problems’. For instance, you could search for “chemical bond practice problems”.

Augmented 3D models

Science is better understood with live examples. That’s what your physics and chemistry labs are for after all. The Google Search lets you turn your own room into a science lab. The app lets you bring to life over 200 concepts of chemistry, biology, physics and more using your phone’s AR capabilities.Google, Google SearchThe Google Search app now lets you solve complex chemical equations and view 3D AR diagrams right from the app. (Image Source: Google)

Math problems

The Google Search app also lets you type in and search for complex solutions. User can hence search for equations like  “x^2-3x-4=0” and get quick solutions. Users can even take a picture of a written equation via the Lens in the Google app to get solutions.

Complex questions

Complex chemical equations can also be solved by searching in the Google Search app. STEM questions like “0.50 moles of NaCl are dissolved in 2.5 L of water, what is the molarity?” can be solved via the app.

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