Not even Clara Voyant could have foreseen KFWB connection to Pomona

A wanderer notice in my Feb. 14 section of an exemplary time KFWB plate jockey provoked a note from peruser Bob Watson of Upland, who leading tenderly amended my spelling. Or on the other hand rather, as he said, my record of the spelling from a 1959 understudy paper article, which wasn’t right.

The DJ’s name was Elliot Field, not Fields. Sorry about that.

In any case, Watson said seeing the name“brought back memories of countless hours after school” in the San Fernando Valley, listening with his best friend to Field, who was on the air from 3 to 6 p.m. Field not only played records, he created a cast of offbeat characters whom he voiced.

“One was Clara Voyant, a gypsy astrologer, whose readings came from ‘up in the clouds, above the smog,’” ” recalled Watson“My favorite was Commander Blockhead, a British sea captain whose favorable maritime weather reports usually ended: ‘I say, chipp-ah sailing weath-ah from Point Conception to the Mexican bord-ah.’ Field’s traffic reports came from ‘high above the Boulevard of Broken Tail Lights.’”

Field was one of the Seven Swingin’ Gentlemen, a record of KFWB characters that included B. Mitchell Reed and Bill Ballance. He withdrew in 1964 to run a radio broadcast in Detroit and afterward migrated to Palm Springs in 1969, where he established KSPI and was its live character through the 1970s. He was even chosen for two terms on the City Council. (The five swingin’ refined men?)

“He’s depicted various voice roles on ‘The Flintstones,’ on ‘Hawaii Five-O,’ and ‘Dragnet.’ His voice has been used to sell everything from Hawaiian Punch to Western Airlines to Creomulsion cough syrup to Mobil Oil,”

Allene Arthur wrote in a 2015 profile of Field for the Desert Sun. Prior to our radio writer, Richard Wagoner, begins making a sound as if to speak, let me get to the nearby point. As I composed, Field was the circle jockey who showed a little gathering of Pomona and Ontario understudy writers around the KFWB station, where they had the chance to meet and meeting Ritchie Valens. This was on Jan. 9, 1959, seven days before Valens’ show in Pomona.

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